A wise-ass on delivery detail ends up on the wrong side of the mob.

Darkly humorous and disturbing ‘Headcase’ lives up to its title. After an ill-advised outburst gets wise-cracking Craig fired from his office job, he ends up agreeing to deliver a package for a man he barely knows. The mysterious delivery quickly turns to horror as Craig finds himself pursued by murder, mayhem and the mob.

Decapitation, bullets and a rising body count make the strangest day of Craig’s life a real ‘Headcase.’ 
A chance meeting with a beautiful waitress who is as hounded by melancholy and the mundane as Craig is by violence and vengeance, only serves to complicate things.

A hip and stylish dark comedy, ‘Headcase’ never loses its sense of humour as only Craig’s wit and absurd luck keep him alive. In the end, it’s through the discovery of what might be love that teaches him what being alive really means.