When a down on his luck boxer agrees to work as hired muscle for the mob, he discovers that his conscience might be his toughest opponent yet. 

  • 2010 | 20:25
  • Starring Isaac Visaretis, Brian Scott Carleton, Zorro, Frank Longo, Ola Kaminska
  • Cinematography by Alex Dacev
  • Dialogue by Tomas Street
  • Produced, Directed & Edited by Ken Simpson



"Its professional, it's stylish, it's fun - it's a hell of a ride…You don't want it to end." - James Dubbeldam, Rouge Cinema.
"Jaw dropping work." - Chris Jones, Author, The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook
"Simpson seems to be a guy like me, someone who will go out and make something instead of sitting at home with a pile of scripts saying 'Damnit universe, magically make my stuff happen.'" - Mike "Muldoon" McCutchen, Ain't it Cool News

Director's statement

The Fall and Rise of Mickey came about specifically because of the 3rd ViewPoint film Challenge.  I can't remember exactly how or why I decided to make this a prequel to my feature film, Headcase but I assume because I was so heavily steeped in the grind of making that film that the subject matter was constantly rattling around in my brain.  

By the time of the third ViewPoint I had worked with Isaac Visaretis on several shorts and we got along really well, so I knew he'd be down for another shoot.  I made a quick call to Brian Scott and he made it clear that he was extremely eager to work together again and was a big fan of the ViewPoint series in general.  All I needed to do was to somehow convince Zorro to reprise his role as "Jack" from Headcase and I'd be set!  

Well, easier said than done.  Anyone who's seen the 12-part look inside series for Headcase knows that while Zorro loved the cast and crew of the film, he wasn't keen at all about the process of filmmaking.  After a few reassurances regarding scheduling, Zorro was gracious enough to commit his time and talents to the film.

The final result is something I'm incredibly proud of. Considering that the crew consisted usually of only two people, it's amazing to think that this 20 minute short was conceived, shot, edited, vfx'd, sound designed, colour timed and screened within a month for a budget of $1,200. 



Director Ken Simpson, shares his insights on the making of "The Fall and Rise of Mickey" in these short tutorials.